Sunday, January 16, 2005

Team America has fallen out of the top ten when it comes to the freest countries. Most alarming is the downward trend that has fallen this once great nation (?). The true question is does anyone other than the libertarians in this country care?

Here is the intro to the Heritage foundations latest results...Hopefully someone is reading this...

All too often, bad news accompanies good news. And people usually want the good news first, so here it is: Economic freedom is expanding around the globe. Now, the bad news: It's not expanding here in the United States.

This isn't mere conjecture. For the last 11 years, The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal have joined to publish our annual "Index of Economic Freedom." We look at 10 key ingredients of free economies, from reasonable levels of taxation, tariffs and regulation to government spending, property rights and monetary stability.


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