Sunday, September 11, 2005

Weekend Read --- -- This is a fantastic site updated by one Bill Cara, who reports on the capital markets. Bill offers daily updates, but my favorite post is his week in review column where he looks at the different sectors of the market and opines on equities, bonds and the overall trendof the market. Bill writes in an easy to read insightful manner and even likes to make some jokes. This week's review includes some thoughts about one of my favorite investment themes, the good old GOLD and where it is headed. If you need a new source for market data, look to Bill for some additional thoughts and ideas on where we were/are heading.

Two weeks ago, I wrote: “... gold is now ready to rock and roll.” And it did.

Then last week I said that my back was in spasms – seriously – perhaps from all the bowing I was doing in my mirror. But I said that this week would see more of the break-out.

So, where are we?

$GOLD has not broken into the 475-525 range yet, but give it time. It’s only a matter of time.

My little birdie tells me that when the U.S. Administration is writing checks it can’t cash, they must think its monopoly money. And, now that everybody has returned to Washington from summer holiday, it’s time to play Monopoly.

“Monopoly” as you know is a board game where the supply of money is unlimited – sound familiar?